Hija De Carlos Vives Lo Muestra Todo!

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@creativerehabnyc • happy saturday y’all.. last night i almost poked my eye out in my sleep • i missed the beautiful embrace of nudity and a lovely man with a polaroid in new york reminded me yesterday of my first day playing with film in new york, with nothing but skin and self to offer...

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Lucy Vives, hija del cantante colombiano Carlos Vives, nuevamente decidió mostrarse al natural ante el público posando para la revista Don Juan.

La joven de 22 años lució para la portada del mes sus glúteos y su curvilinea figura sosteniendo tan sólo una chamarra de mezclilla sobre sus hombros.

Aunque no es la primera vez que Vives se muestra sin ropa para la posteridad, sus seguidores no pudieron evitar realizar comentarios resaltando la belleza natural de la mujer.

🎬 !!!! its up!!! ! • 'one drop at a time' a lucy vives film by crimson crazed • emocionada por anunciar que hoy subo mi primer capitulo en el canal en mi biografía • this new, motion chapter of my life producing art is starting, slowly but gracefully i hope . it's another dimension of expression.. i wanted to film a series of shorts , portraying aspects of female behavior that i find interesting and notable. sometimes they're not always meant to be beautiful to those with a very narrow definition of beauty • this first chapter, titled 'a drop a time', we explore the mental zone the trance of the shower produces • water brings un a reason to feel okay with our vulnerability. so cheers! i hope you guys join me on this new journey 🖤 link in bio • cheers to the ongoing fight to changing the sexualizing gaze on the female body • 🎥:@crimsoncrazed

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Luis Trevino

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